• Wild Flower - "Ocean Jewel"

Ivana Ruzzo original

Wild Flower - "Ocean Jewel"

Wild Flower - "Ocean Jewel"




Wild Flower - "Ocean Jewel"

Floral Pin. Size 4.5' X 4.5' (top) X 1' (side)

“Wild Flower” - This new, beautiful accessory collection has amazing and endless possibilities for your stylish taste.

These handmade and unforgettable wearable art are part of a pin flower collection that is unique and produced as a limited edition. These flowers can also be clipped to your jacket, t-shirt, or your favorite sundress. They make great hair accessories, can be clipped quickly to your handbag or hat. The flowers are created from very high quality fine fabric with an amazing color pallet. Decorated with European crystals, Japanese Toho beads, and a metallic spring clip for ease in attaching to any location.
 Many ways to wear them, they are very unique and a true piece of wearable art. These flowers can be used as your special accent, and individual touch, your one and special way to represent your favorite dress. They can be worn in your hair or attached to your purse, or even as a gorgeous item for your interior design, to simply make your day bright and happy!

So please enjoy the beauty of nature, use our creation to make your life look and feel like a gorgeous spring blossoming garden!

These are 100% hand made by the artist and jewelry designer Ivana Ruzzo.

Proudly Made In USA

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