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Ivana Ruzzo original

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach




"Turtle Beach" 

Shabby Chic Top Hat Up-cycled Distressed Cotton 100% Linen, Cotton, Gold Lace

Fully Handcrafted.  Dyed/Acid-washed. Bohemian style,  print 100% cotton, Turtle, Shell, Bow. Patchwork.

Artisan Raw handcrafted and Hand-Stitched. Fabulous Shabby Chic Victorian/Edwardian Top Hat with raw ripped sides

Size 11 (about 22' head size}

"Right Amount Of Wrong" Upcycled Collection. Designer Ivana Ruzzo jaunty-floppy top hat, Upcycled/Recycled Eco-sustainable Denim cotton Artisan, Eco-friendly, Environmentally friendly Fabrics.
 Over-loved Vintage style, Antique Lace French Collapsible
Women's Up-cycled Denim Bucket Hat Embroidered and Embellished with 100% pure cotton.

Fully Handcrafted, Imperfect rustic, trendy look, 
with a cool Bohemian shabby chic vibe.
Floral Top Hat
New with tag.

Hat Embroidered and hand-stitched with 100% cotton denim 



Unique  Upcycled Couture

Ivana Ruzzo's "Art To Wear" & " Wright Amount Of Wrong" Collection was created by combining antique parts of clothing from the early 20th century, and archivist, a series of limited edition garments made with up cycled vintage fabrics collected in a textile archive throughout the years. The concept was inspired by great engagement with Edwardian-era handcraft.

With technical hand sewing skills, Ivana Ruzzo's garments have been deconstructed, to take on a new contemporary appeal, while preserving the history and tactile memory of the quality textiles.

The garments, Upcycled Silk, Linen, Antique Lace, Velvet, buttons, and embellishments have been sourced across Europe as part of a committed research practice.

Every item has elements of slow sewing techniques and does not involve any serger machines. This artisanal approach makes each garment truly unique, and any imperfection must be considered as a precious unique element.

  is a brand built on love and beauty, layered with vintage-style fabrics, handmade artisan craft, slow fashion ethics, safe-to-wear,  comfort, and care encompassing hundreds of Artisan items created by hand.

You will receive this item carefully packed and exactly as pictured and described


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