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w/s/ Talk To Me

w/s/ Talk To Me

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"Talk To Me"

Designer Silver Ring with Natural Pearls, Blue Spinel, Sodalite Stones.

A full constellation of this meaningful stones make this ring a powerful, protective and healing Talisman.

Adjustable ( size by request)

The way Sodalite grounds you with energies like self-esteem, acceptance and trust will have you begging to get grounded. This harmony-inducing stone reestablishes the connection between the higher mind and the body, releasing the fears and tensions held in both. Use sodalite’s encouraging energy to strengthen bonds with others and bring balance into every area of your life. It's also a powerful stone for intuition and tapping into your sixth sense.

Wearing Spinel strengthens health; a ring on the left hand brings relief from asthma, heart conditions and neuralgia. In India it is used to treat epilepsy, eczema and ailments of uterus. Since old days various magic properties were attributed to Spinel - such as the ability to protect and heal its wearer, to develop his talents and best qualities. This stone of heavenly clearness and purity was believed to bring to its wearer judiciousness and prudence.

Pearl grants to its wearer extraordinary foresight, protects him from risky commercial transactions and from evil eye. Pearl's magical properties depend on its color: white Pearl brings freedom.

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