• Sand Dollar / 7.8
  • Sand Dollar / 7.8
  • Sand Dollar / 7.8
  • Sand Dollar / 7.8
  • Sand Dollar / 7.8

Ivana Ruzzo original

Sand Dollar / 7.8

Sand Dollar / 7.8




"Sand Dollar"

Handcrafted Designer, Solid Sterling Silver 925 Ring with Natural White Topaz and Raw Emerald - emerald-mineral beryl, origin Hiddenite, North Carolina, United States. Stones Weight 14.94cts.
Ring Size 7.
100% authentic Stones.100% Handcrafted.
Was made for the "Royalty" Collection for London's "The Ritz". This collection was honored by RSA (Royal Designers Association/UK)

Emerald benefits the spiritual qualities of the person: the ability to meditate, insightfulness, ability to understand the motives of others. Emerald nurtures love, kindness, and serenity. Consequently, it is regarded as a powerful remedy aiding to balance the nervous system. Positive energy associated with its pleasant shade of green brings enjoyment and pleasure. Emerald brings longevity, possesses enormous positive energy, and can neutralize negative influence.
The emerald wearer will be free from melancholy and care. It is also of use to those who wish to learn secrets and penetrate the future. It prevents storms and drives away malicious intent.

Artisan collaboration by Jewelry Designer Ivana Ruzzo and Silversmith George Granovski Ring #288 from the "GG Unique Jewelry" Collection is one of a kind. We keep it limited and super unique, as a wearable piece of Art. We want a wearer to feel special and memorable.



Unique design

Perfect for a gift

Great quality, hypoallergenic, water-resistant, safe-to-wear

All of my artisan items are of great quality and handcrafted with love.

You will receive this item carefully packed and exactly as pictured and described


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