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 Raw Pendant with Genuine Amber Nugget, 22 grams. 16' long, black cord, with Ivana Ruzzo charm. Natural Amber Stone from West Ukraine main. Picked up by hand, chosen, cut, polished and prepared specially for this particular item. Includes imperfections and natural dents, which make this pendant very unique and individually touched by true nature. about 3' long

One of the most magical substances that exist in our world - far more magical than even diamonds with their tightly packed lattices - is amber.

50 million years stone. This pendant will strengthen your sexual energy. It may work like Protective Talisman. It's will be great protection for the super-sensitive /especially in crowds, events/

American designer Ivana Ruzzo - "...I treasure Amber like a precious stone. Just think about it: what appears to be a stone from the first look, burns in fire like coal, crackling and smoking. If left without access to air, it melts when heated like honey. It produces static electricity if rubbed and floats in salty water. Moreover, the stone itself is warm to the touch."

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