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  • Earth and Sky

Ivana Ruzzo original

Earth and Sky

Earth and Sky




"Earth and Sky"

bracelet Turquoise, Tibet silver, metal wire.

This bracelets with Turquoise symbolized the union and balance of Earth and Sky to the ancient peoples of the Southern USA Turquoise is perfect to use when you are feeling out of balance.

the price on this website for each bracelet, please let us know and we will send you detailed pictures of each.

Use it to increase your creativity and speak your truth without fear! It can help you get more in tune with others. If you are seemingly menaced by misfortune, the stone attracts the imbalance into itself and absorbs the harmful vibrations, sometimes being shattering under the strain. It truly reflects the individual carrying or holding it! Turquoise tunes into your energies and transmits them back into the world. Physically, Turquoise strengthens and tones the entire body.

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