• Chocolate Beauty
  • Chocolate Beauty

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Chocolate Beauty

Chocolate Beauty

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 "Chocolate Beauty" 

Beautiful, Handmade wearable art by Ivana Ruzzo , crocheted with fine threads.
Available in Ivana Ruzzo gallery&studio, Fort Lauderdale
, FL

Product have a mix of France and Italian fine blended cottons and Japanese metallic yarn to achieve a soft. Can be done with Gold, Silver, Melchior, another metals , pearls, Swarovski, gemstones Czechoslovakian beads and crystals, yarn and threads.

This item beaded with, crystals and Pearls. Include the Box with protective top and bottom. Set of matching earrings as set. Branded tag identified with individual serial number for each product. Made in USA. Adjustable chain/clasp for varied fit on neck.

My exclusive label ‘IVANA RUZZO’ represents original, handmade, knit jewelry and crystals set's that is custom designed and can be made by order. From the beginning design layout, until the final stitch, each item of jewelry is produced with a precision, detailed style. Using the finest quality materials.

Easy to wear, that will certainly impress. Owning a custom designed items created by Iva, is like also owning a piece of fine art and made to last a lifetime.

Made with Love to Enjoy,

Ivana Ruzzo.


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