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  • Big Game Hunter

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Big Game Hunter

Big Game Hunter

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"Big Game Hunter"

This bracelet is made of Tiger Eye stones, Tibet silver spacer, This bracelet has a winged charm. Bracelets are available in three sizes ranging from small to large that spans 8.5 inches to 10.5 inches for various wrist sizes.

Tiger Eye lets you see everything. Use it for insight and you can be a very lucky person. When used in jewelry the tiger eye may bring good luck and protection from the evil eye to the wearer. It also known to bring clear thinking and insight. Tiger's-eye or Cat's-Eye is a stone for the mind, not the body. Tiger Eye is used to focus the mind. It will cause the mind to have feeling of oneness and feel more direct in all thoughts.Tiger's Eye is a stone of protection. It enhances integrity, willpower, self-confidence, practicality and correct use of power. It is a stone that enhances good luck, and brings prosperity, often in the form of money. Tiger's eye is also a very protective stone which is especially protective during travel. It can also help one see clearly without illusion. Tiger's eye brings a special boost to the solar plexus chakra and to one's personal power.

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