• w/Autumn Glamor
  • w/Autumn Glamor
  • w/Autumn Glamor

Ivana Ruzzo original

w/Autumn Glamor

w/Autumn Glamor

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  "Autumn Glamor"

Raw AMBER Size 2.2

This earrings will strengthens your sexual energy. It may work like Protective Talisman. It's will be great protection for the super-sensitive (especially in crowds, events)

One of the most magical substances that exist in our world - far more magical than even diamonds with their tightly packed lattices - is amber.
The Healing & Protective Nature Of Amber -The organic resin that eventually becomes amber is the tree's blood. Right here, at the very origin of this extraordinarily magical substance, built into its very structure, is the HEALING INTENTION - to repair that which was broken, to shield against incursions and protect from infection. Amber is safe, always protective, cannot be perverted into anything else. There is even more to amber than just the powerful healing/protective intention at its structure and its immutability across the ages.

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